The risks we take and the life we make

Welcome to White Heat

Our aim is to generate new knowledge on decision-making under uncertainty, with a specific focus on decisions in avalanche terrain.Our hope is that our findings will help bring more people home safely from the mountains.

We currently have two surveys out that focus on backcountry travel in North America:

  • The ski survey –  for side- and backcountry riders who focus on non-motorized descent (alpine skiers, telemarkers, snowboarders etc)
  • The sled survey – for side- and backcountry riders who focus on motorized travel (sledders).

We hope that you will participate! We are very interested in answers from riders with both very little and a lot of experience.

Participation is voluntary. All information is treated confidentially. The research is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and is collaboration between researchers at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway, Montana State University, and Umeå University. All data is collected by, and stored at the Snow and Avalanche Lab, Montana State university. Read more here.