Summary of project

Although we today have more information, knowledge, and more advanced technology to prevent accidents than ever before, accidents still occur with a higher frequency than we would like. At the same time, it appears as if some people do not wish to minimize risk. On the contrary, many voluntarily expose themselves to the risk of … More Summary of project

The CARE panel

The CARE panel is a research project which aims to follow 10 000 backcountry riders over 10 years. Our aim is to generate knowledge that will help people make better decisions in avalanche terrain, and to reduce the risk of avalanche accidents. Background In order to make it easier to make good decisions in avalanche … More The CARE panel


The Covid-19 pandemic has made it impossible to hold large avalanche seminars. CARE and, the Norwegian avalanche warning service, has therefore launched a podcast series. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from talks about how to identify avalanche terrain, to snow dynamics, to human factors. In episode 9, I and Audun Hetland … More Skredpodden

Behavioral grooves

We recently had the privilige to talk about decision-making in avalanche terrain with Tim and Kurt on the Behavioral grooves podcast. We had a blast participating in the show, and feel honored to have been invited. If you haven’t checked out this podcast, you should! You can find our episode, along with all other episodes … More Behavioral grooves

NY/NEW October 2018! Vinnere av gavekort/winners of giftcards!

We have drawn two winners of gift cards worth 1000 NOK from the pool of participants in the Tromsø/Alta survey on social identity and preferences. Those of you who chose to participate in the lottery, created a code. The code consisted of the LAST two letters in your grandmothers name, the FIRST two letters of … More NY/NEW October 2018! Vinnere av gavekort/winners of giftcards!

Vinnere av bok!

Under våren 2018 gjennomførte vi en undersøkelse om opplevd fare i skredterreng. Tusen takk til dere som deltok! Vi har trukket en vinnere av boken Til topps i Norges Nasjonalparker av Gjermund Norskar (les om boka her og her). Vinneren har kode 1369. Alle deltakere som valgte å delta i trekkingen av en premie fikk … More Vinnere av bok!