NY/NEW October 2018! Vinnere av gavekort/winners of giftcards!

We have drawn two winners of gift cards worth 1000 NOK from the pool of participants in the Tromsø/Alta survey on social identity and preferences.

Those of you who chose to participate in the lottery, created a code. The code consisted of the LAST two letters in your grandmothers name, the FIRST two letters of the city or village in which you were born, and your year of birth. This created a code consisting of four letters, and two or four digits.


Grandmothers name: MARI

Place of birth: TROMSØ 

Year of birth: 1983

This produces the code RITR1983

Below, we present the last part of the two winning codes. This  part corresponds to TR1983 in the example code above.  The first part of the code, RI, is missing.

Winner 1: st1991

Winner 2: SØ1994

If one of these codes matches the code you created, this is what you need to do:

Send your full code, including the first part (i.e., RITR1983 in the example code), to Heidi Hemmingsen: heidi.m.hemmingsen@uit.no, before December 15th, 2018. 

Heidi will then ask for your contact details to send the giftcard to you.  Heidi is an administrator at the School of Business and Economics, and has no connection to the research project. There is no way of connecting you to your answers in the survey.


Thanks once again for your participation, we really appreciate it!

/White heat research team





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