Vinnere – studie om sosial identitet og preferanser/Winner – study on social identity and preferences

We have drawn a winner of a gift card worth 1000 NOK from the pool of participants in the Tromsø/Alta survey on social identity and preferences.

We were late with getting the survey out. As a consequence, most students had already left campus, and we therefore got relatively few responses. We will send out a new call for participation by early September. We contemplated to postpone drawing the winners of giftcards until this round of the survey but concluded that it would be better to draw one winner now (you who participated had a very high chance of winning), and to draw the next winner by end of October. Those of you who participated in the survey, but did not win have a new chance of winning in October. You do not have to do anything else than remember your code and keep an eye on this blog in October 2018.

To check if you won this time around, please follow this link and log in with the password you created in the survey. The deadline for the first winner is September 1st 2018. 

NOTE: You will only be able to log in IF your code matches the winning code. The password is case sensitive. In other words, you have to use capital letters if your created password contained capital letters.



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