White Heat Tracks

We are finally ready to enter the second phase of the White Heat project, and we are very excited about it!

Our aim with this part of project is to collect GPS location information and survey responses from backcountry skiers and riders to better understand what types of terrain decision we make.

Our focus is on backcountry skiers and riders of all abilities and experience. You need not be an expert backcountry skier to participate in this research, and we are interested in tracks and survey responses from both skiers and sledders.

All data is collected and stored by Prof Jordy Hendrikx and Prof Jerry Johnson at Snow and Avalanche lab, Montana State University, Montana, USA.

We hope to get as many tracks, and survey responses as possible during spring 2018, and we hope that you will contribute with your tracks and survey responses!

Read more about the project and on how to participate here.

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