White Heat Post Doc position

Would you like to live in Tromsø, Norway, and do research on decision-making under uncertainty together with researchers in economics, psychology, and snow science?

UiT The Arctic University of Norway has established «The Arctic MSCA-IF program» to select excellent young researchers planning to submit applications for a Marie Skƚodowska Curie individual fellowship (MSCA-IF) in order to pursue a research career (uit.no/afu/arcticmsca). We invite applications from promising young researchers within the field of Behavioral Economics and Psychology. The selected candidate will write a proposal for a 24-month MSCA-IF at UiT together with Dr. Andrea Mannberg. This is an opportunity to accelerate your research career while living in the urban research city of Tromsø, uniquely located at the top of the world surrounded by some of Europe’s last pristine wild nature.

Read more about the call and how to apply here.

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