A new face on the team

The White Heat team has gotten a new member! On January 8th, Ingvild Mageli will start her Doctoral education at the School of Business and Economics at UiT the Arctic University of Norway, and become a member of CARE.

Ingvild holds a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Oslo. She wrote her Master’s thesis in behavioral economics. The (fairly long) title of her thesis was “On the trivial pursuit of happiness: Can money buy happiness because impression is everything? An ordered logistic approach with data from India”.

Ingvild is happiest when she gets to roam free in the backcountry, regardless of this roaming takes place on snow, ice or on dry land, with skis or in a harness.

We are very excited to welcome Ingvild to the team!

Ingvild Mageli, new member of the White Heat team.

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